martes, 1 de marzo de 2016


We were talking in Art class about the different kind of languages we already know. Then, we analysed the Visual Language which is that one related to images. It is really important to know its characteristics and rules because we live nowadays surrounded by images: advertising, billboards, on T.V., on the internet, in print media (magazines and newspapers) and even in our dreams. IMAGES ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!

We also saw the four main different types of images in an Olga's presentation: logotype, symbol, sign and pictogram.
As we develop an environmental project and will celebrate the WORLD WATER DAY after Easter holiday with a great exhibition, my dear students have become graphic designers and they have done these wonderful logos. Below you have two versions: the digital and the traditional ones. Very good job!!

Alba Moreno

Alba Gil

África Aranda

Ana Gil

José Gabriel Roku

Álvaro Torices

Antonio López

Miguel López

Ramón López

Esperanza Martínez

Belén Bah

Monse Sarmiento

Consuelo Fernández

Mónica Moreno

Ángela Bayo

Javier Sánchez

Zineb Boukhiss

Carlos Quinto

Salahedine Zennouda

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