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Yes, Saint Valentine's Day is around the corner. Sean and I have wanted to celebrate this date doing other "blind interpretations" (students don't see the original picture, just follow instructions) of famous paintings. This time they aren't related to seasons. They are about our loved ones: parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, pets...

Resultado de imagen de love warhol
Robert Indiana, American Pop artist

These are the pictures described by our language assistant in First of ESO groups:

Resultado de imagen de blue period picasso
"The soup", 1902-03 by Pablo Picasso

Michelle Ayala,1ºA

María Izquierdo, 1ºA

Amin Er Rahhaly, 1ºA

Carmen Belando, 1ºA

Adrián Fernández, 1ºA

A very free interpretation with elements made up by Rubén Noguera, 1ºA

Imagen relacionada
"Child holding a dove", 1901 by Pablo Picasso

Ana Hernández, 1ºB

Fran Manzanares, 1ºB

Claudia Paredes, 1ºB

Laura Mateo, 1ºB

Claudia López, 1ºB

Mario Zaragoza, 1ºB

Adrián Nicolás, 1ºB

Jaime Guadix, 1ºB

Alejandro Botía, 1ºB

Andrea Pérez, 1ºB

Lucía Caballero, 1ºB

Paula Pérez, 1ºB

Sergio Rebollo, 1ºB

Mercedes García, 1ºB

Sandra Fernández, 1ºB

And let's say these two ladies were pretty curious and they found the picture on the internet. I told them not to do that, although. This creative exercise is about interpreting not copying!!. Remember next time: "Curiosity killed the cat". Having said that, they spent lot of time colouring the drawing in and trying to get a very good result. So, here they are.

Lucía Lax, 1ºB

Milashu López, 1ºB

These are the pictures described by our language assistant in Second ESO groups:

Resultado de imagen de marc chagall paintings
"The promenade", 1918 by Marc Chagall

Digital drawings:

Alba Gil, 2ºA

Natalia Pavliv, 2ºA

Ángela Bayo, 2ºA

Álvaro Torices, 2ºA

Ramón López, 2ºA

África Aranda, 2ºA

Ivaylo Ivo, 2ºA

Alba Moreno, 2ºA

Guillermo Gómez, 2ºA

Jennifer López, 2ºA

Patricia Garrido, 2ºA

Salah Zennouda, 2ºA

Resultado de imagen de marc chagall over the town
"Over the town", 1918 by Marc Chagall

And the story repeted again. Curious students got the original painting and use the information to complete their interpretations. I'll choose much more difficult-to-find paintings next time!

Ángel Alonso, 2ºB

Paula Navarro, 2ºB

Lucía Rodríguez, 2ºB

Claudia Pastor, 2ºB

Lucía Martínez, 2ºB

Irene López, 2ºB

Laura Marín, 2ºB

María Conesa, 2ºB

Daniel López, 2ºB

Gabriela Díaz, 2ºB

José Juan escribano, 2ºB

Alejandro Belando, 2ºB

Sergio Olivares, 2ºB

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