viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014


En 1ºA ESO han trabajado muy bien los conceptos geométricos básicos: segmentos, ángulos, triángulos, cuadriláteros y polígonos. Así que cuando les propuse hacer por parejas un proyecto libre que tuviera relación con la geometría, se pusieron rápidamente manos a la obra. Incluso querían hacer más...¡Felicidades a todos por vuestro entusiasmo y trabajo!

First A group did very well in  Geometry. We studied the fundamental concepts: segments, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons. When I asked them for doing in pairs a free project related to geometry, they got down to the job. Even they wanted to do more projects. ¡Congratulations to everybody for your enthusiasm and good work!

Puri and Lucía with a mobile and a flat surface with different origami shapes

Anas and Mauricio did a big B/W drawing using triangles and a cute cardboard doll. 

Bea and Nuria made this sculpture for a roundabout. It looks like a prehistoric monument, too

Álvaro and Álvaro made a dodecahedron using twelve pentagons and geometric drawings on each side of it

Antonio and Hongbin made this doubled star polygon using wood sticks and thread. They also did two origami shapes: a crane and a frog

Carmen and Pepe drew this fashion image from an advert in a magazine.

Osama build this original geometric city using cardboard and paints

Paula create an indian tend or tepee with a fire and an origami rabbit

Stalin and Javier made this 3D angry birds

José Manuel did this endless octagon

Ágata and Elvira drew this geometric composition with different shapes

Ramón and Dani made this dog using plastiline and markers

Finally, Iván and Arturo made this mobile using straws.

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