jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015


Today we've been painting music. Yes, MUSIC!. First Digital students have discovered lot of things about Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian abstract painter and also an Art Theorist. 
Olga, our English Language assistant, told them that for Kandinsky, music and color were inextricably tied to one another. Kandinsky associated each note with an exact hue. He once said, “the sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble.”
In fact, it was after having an unusually visual response to a performance of Wagner’s composition Lohengrin at the Bolshoi Theatre that he abandoned his law career to study painting at Munich Academy of Fine Arts. He later described the life-changing experience: “I saw all my colors in spirit, before my eyes. Wild, almost crazy lines were sketched in front of me.”

The neurological phenomenon Kandinsky experienced is called synesthesia. People with synesthesia might smell something when they hear a sound, or see a shape when they eat a certain food. Kandinsky literally saw colors when he heard music, and heard music when he painted.
After the presentation, Olga made students listen to different music and draw a composition. These are some of them.

Natalia Campo

Esperanza Martínez

Álvaro Torices

David Fernández

David Fernández

Moisés López

Moisés López

Ramón lópez

Sabina Martínez

Natalia Pavliv

Patricia Cis

Ángela Bayo

Miguel López

Adrián Ávila

Alba Moreno

África Aranda

lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015


Our school developed an environmental project last year. We did lot of activities related to it. This course we are going on trying to make students be aware of how paramount is to take care of our planet. 
At the end of this month there will be an important event in Paris. It's called COP21. And, what is COP21? It is the 21st Conference of the Parties, that is to say, the annual meeting of all countries which want to take action for the climate. It will be held in Le Bourget, France, from 30 Novembre to 11 December.
As we want to do our bit for the environment, during those days all of us are going to wear green hearts. Not whatever hearts but the perfect geometric ones!!

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015


Roque, master's student, and I arranged this morning all your little pieces together (1ºA, B and C) to create this great colourful picture. The corridor looks better now. Good job! Keep it up!

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015


Our lovely language assistant, Olga Drotenko, showed First students a presentation about Piet Mondrian's life and artwork. Then, using the app SKETCHBOOK, digital students wrote their names, fave English word, a sentence or an object in Mondrian's style, that's to say, drawing black perpendicular lines and primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Non-digital students did the same activity but using traditional tools. These are some of their works.

Monse Sarmiento,1ºA

África Aranda,1ºA

Adrián Ávila, 1ºA

Alba Gil,1ºA
Alba Moreno,1ºA

Álvaro Torices,1ºA

Ana Gil, 1ºA

Antonio López,1ºA

Esperanza Martínez,1ºA

Zineb Boukhiss,1ºA

Ramón López,1ºA

José Gabriel Roku,1ºA

Moisés López,1ºA

Carmen María Juarez, 1ºB

Gabriela Díaz, 1ºB

ChengXian Xia, 1ºB

Claudia Pastor, 1ºB

Irene López, 1ºB

Javier Martínez, 1ºB

Daniel López, 1ºB

Wiam Zine, 1ºB

ÁlvaroTorices, 1ºB

María Conesa, 1ºB

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015


I finished collecting all compositions by my First Bilingual students last week and I have been taking pictures, resizing and playing with them to create these awesome big designs. There are lot of possible combinations. These will join others by 1ºC students to decorate the corridor between their classrooms. Good job!!!



Alba Moreno,1ºA

Alba Gil, 1ºA

Ana Gil, 1ºA

Belén Bah, 1ºA

Natalia Campo, 1ºA

África Aranda, 1ºA

Álvaro Torices, 1ºA

Monse Sarmiento, 1ºA

Ramón López, 1ºA

Consuelo Fernández, 1ºA

Adrián Ávila, 1ºA

Carlos Quinto, 1ºA

Esperanza Martínez, 1ºA

Miguel López, 1ºA

Mónica Moreno, 1ºA

Sabina Martínez, 1ºA

Ángela Bayo, 1ºA

Juliana Sainz, 1ºB

Cheng Xin Xia, 1ºB

Ángel Alonso, 1ºB

Adrián Castillo, 1ºB

Gabriela Díaz, 1ºB

Carmen Juarez, 1ºB

Irene López, 1ºB

Clara Alarcón, 1ºB

Lucía Martínez, 1ºB

José Juan Escribano, 1ºB

Lucía Rodríguez, 1ºB

Wiam Zine, 1ºB

María Conesa, 1ºB

Victoria Hellín, 1ºB

Álvaro Bellod, 1ºB

Daniel López, 1ºB

Laura Marín, 1ºB

Eduardo Botías, 1ºB

Sergio Olivares, 1ºB

Marta Hernández, 1ºB

Alba Rivas, 1ºB

Nerea Marín, 1ºB

Paula Navarro, 1ºB

Claudia Pastor, 1ºB

Sofía Zapata, 1ºB

Patricia Garrido, 1ºB

Javier Martínez, 1ºB

Brandon Peña, 1ºB

Soraya Blaya, 1ºB

Alberto Martínez, 1ºB